Pay As You Go



Whether you are new to the studio or just visiting, pay as you go gives you the option to try out classes on an individual basis without buying a membership.

If you've tried out our classes and like what you see, don't forget to purchase a mini membership or full memberships - you can save up to 40%!


X-TND: XPress                                 £4.50                    More details

X-TND: Body Barre:                         £6.50                     More details

X-TND & Perfect: Take Flight          £6.50                     More details

X-TND & Perfect: Body Blitz            £6.50                     More details

X-TND & Perfect: Pole                     £6.50                     More details

X-TND & Flex                                   £6.50                     More details

Freestyle Fitness Yoga                    £6.50                     More details

Beginners level 2 pole                     £8.00                     More details

Intermediate pole                             £10.00                   More details

Advanced pole                                 £13.00                   More details

Heels Angels                                    £6.50                     More details

Street Dance                                    £6.50                     More details

Adult cheerleading                           £6.50                     More details

Zumba                                             £6.50                      More details


All classes must be booked online here.

To 'pay as you go' select "Cash" when booking your place.