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Frequently Asked Questions



1) Choose which class you would like to attend by checking out the timetable.

2) Go to the online booking system page and make a reservation *see below for how the online booking system works.

3) Decide how you would like to pay - over the phone, online, in person, by cheque, cash or card.

Payment options such as mini memberships can save you time and money - see Prices for more details.

Courses must be paid more at lease 48 hours before start.

Only when payment has been received is your place guaranteed.



Skin contact is required for grip on the pole. For most classes it is best to wear something comfortable like tracksuit bottoms with some shorts underneath or to change into. A vest top , t-shirt or hoody is fine.

Leg warmers, trainers, heels - its up to you - we want you to feel comfortable and confident.

Studio 22 offer a range of suitable fitness clothing. For more information click here



NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!! Moisturiser is a pole dancers worst enemy - it will severely hinder your progress as you will have no grip. 24 hours before a class is probably the cut off point I'm afraid. And this means legs too as they are needed to climb and grip the pole. If you've got some on before a class, wash thoroughly and you should be good to go.



Metal against metal impairs your grip. We need to maximise your grip. You will need to remove rings, bracelets and watches. Also, the poles are specialised equipment; jewelery makes pretty patterns on the poles but also damages them (the poles that is; though your jewelery may also become damaged).



All sorts of shapes, sizes, ages and abilities come together in pole classes.



Each class varies but the maximum number in a pole dance class is 10 (2 to a pole)



No - only changing in to shorts and you may use the changing room. No nudity in class.



So many we could write a book, but we haven't the time, so here's a few to wet your appetite:

Great fun - you won't even realise your exercising

Excellent for toning your arms, without bulking up

Fantastic community of open minded people for you to meet

A unique and challenging new hobby

Beats The Winter Blues - the physical exertion makes your body release the happy hormones - endorphins making you feel better and more energetic



The online booking system will require you to create a user name and password to book online from home, once this has bee done you can book all of our classes and courses online at your leisure as well as amend and make any cancellations.

We therefore require EVERYONE to book online before you arrive to class, We will also require you to let us know if you cannot make a class as "no shows" will be charged.  

This system means we can mange our customers and classes easily and avoid any over crowding which can sometimes occur. Any feedback you have will be much appreciated.


If you are unsure on anything please contact us

Useful Tips and Advice

 We know that some of you may be a little nervous about signing up for a course...so here are the top excuses that people use for not trying pole... LAID TO REST!


"I'm Too Old"
The pole is effective & fun at any age! There's NO limit. We have  taught students from 11 Years  to 70+!

If you think you're too old for pole.....take a look at this video

Click HERE to watch The 60 year old pole dancer in action- 6th June 2012



"I'm Not Strong Enough"
Not many people are strong enough to do what they have seen or think they want to do on the pole when they
start out. You start out where you are, and progress from there. By doing it, you get better, and stronger.

"I'm Too Big/Out of Shape"
 Pole Dancing is 100% effective for whole body fitness. Start where you are today, tomorrow you'll be glad you did!

"I Will Look Stupid"
Everyone in your class will be thinking the same thing you are. As you learn, you're technique & your confidence will help alter this self-defeating thought!

"I Have a Previous Injury"
This is a good thing to address, always tell your instructor about any current or previous injuries that may affect your ability to do certain moves. Always have a physician approve any work-out program before you start it.Tell your instructor if anything is hurting you in class. Beyond those things, the pole is a great way to 'rehab' injuries of all kinds. It is easy on joints, helps improve flexibility, muscle tone & core/upper body strength-which helps significantly improve and/or heal a multitude of injuries.

"I'm Un-coordinated"
If this is true, then you definitely need some pole in your life! You will learn to become more flexible, stronger, and even more rhythmic! Remember, if you were already a pro at the fox-trot, you'd probably be teaching the class, not taking it….right?

"I'm Not Flexible Enough"
Let's go back to #2 on this one. There's no initial 'flexibility requirement' to sign up for a class. Think of it like anything else. You wouldn't decide not to go to the gym because you weren't already in shape. That's why you go…results will follow :)

"I Don't Want to Wear 'Skimpy' Clothes"
'Skimpy' is not a necessity. That's a style option. What is helpful in the beginning, and more necessary as you advance, is skin grip. Some skin is required for most moves on the pole…just like a swimming suit is required for swimming. There's no reason you can't be modest & comfortable.

Basically  our advice: Come have the most fun you've ever had while getting in shape & totally learning to love yourself! We've heard it, seen it, done it , worked through it and got the t shirt. Don't be afraid to ask!


 But be prepared, we've convinced many to try the pole, and don't intend to quit anytime soon…