Pole Fitness Classes



Beginner Level 1 Pole

Instructor: Amy Williams / Nat Lamptey / Christabelle

Forget the boring gym, endless sit ups or dreading your nightly run. Pole fitness is here and can help you achieve any goal you want, be it loose weight,gain muscle, strength or flexibility. It does it all….. and no its not to good to be true.


Our Beginners Courses offer a comprehensive introduction to the world of pole fitness. Over this 6 week course you will learn a range of spins, poses and transitions, that will develop your strength, flexibility, all over body tone and help you burn plenty of calories. What's more you'll be having fun whilst working out. No experience necessary, so regardless of fitness, strength or ability this is suitable for all levels. Student's can also combine this course with regular practice sessions, flexibility training as well as other classes such as Fitness Yoga, Ballet Fit or Dance Fit to maximise the potential of your pole workout.
Any problems please feel free to contact us, 01823 429520 -- 07889749336 -- mail@studio22dance.com


Beginners level 2 pole

Instructor: Amy Williams 

This class is a great follow on from Level 1 -

You will build on the skills you've already learnt and gain some new tricks and spins along the way.

A great stepping stone for the intermediate course and lots of fun! As it's an ongoing / rolling course it means you can stay for as little or as long as you wish. I

t also means that you don't have come every week if you cant make it, all you need to do is BOOK YOUR SPACE EACH WEEK to ensure you get a pole.

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Intermediate pole

Instructor:  Amy Williams 

This is a mixed class of levels 1 & 2, ideal if your not quite ready for Advanced Prep. This class will take you to the next level focusing more on the harder spins and poses, whilst building your strength, flexibility and confidence on the pole.

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Advanced pole

Instructor: Amy Williams 

Mixed Advanced Prep and Advanced Pole Class

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Heels Angels

Instructor: Rubi Shooz

Rubi Shooz is back with her badass heels, floor work and transition class. 

This fun and sexy session requires no previous experience and is open to everyone!

(Heels not included...nor or they required!)

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