Amy Williams

Founder of Studio22, Amy started dancing when she moved to Somerset in September 2000, and took GSCE dance. She quickly found that dance was her passion and throughout her years at school and college experienced many different dance forms including, Jazz, African, Indian.Her main passions were ballet and contemporary dance.

After a very successful 2 years and Heathfield where she obtained an A* in dance Amy went on to study dance at Richard Huish and become part of Taunton Youth Dance Company. Amy also attended a couple of summer schools at The Laban Centre, in  London.

A couple of years after leaving college Amy was told about a Pole Dancing class at her local gym, and after the first lesson was completely addicted and ordered her pole the very next day! Not long after she went on to be a qualified Pole Instructor through Pole People and the rest is history!!!!!!

In March 2011, Amy became the proud mother of Analita. Amy worked extremely hard to get back to teaching within 2 months and competing within 6 months!

Available for workshops and performances!

Qualified Zumba and Zumba toning Instructor, ZIN member, FFY instructor & Pole PeopleQualified Instructor.

Qualified Pole silks & hot yoga instructor

Has taken masterclasses with: Pantera, Suzie Q, Felix Cane, Natasha Wang, Zoraya Judd, Alethea Austin, Marlo & Oona K

Won Best Entertainer in Miss Pole Dance UK 2013

Finalist in Miss Pole Dance UK 2013

Winner of Advanced Aerial Hoop at EPDC 2013

Winner of Best Entertainer and  3rd in the instructor category in the UK Pole Professional Championships December 2012

Finalist in EPDC 2012

Finalist in the UK Pole Professional Championships December 2011

Winner of the 'Routine for the Nation' in the National Synchronised Pole Dance Squad Routine 2010 


Christy Brimmer

Christy's Studio 22 journey started in May 2010 when she went to her first Ballet Fitness class with Amy. A few months later she started Beginners Pole and feel in love with it! She went from a beginner, to intermediate and then on to Advanced pole with a great group of friends she met at the studio.

Along the way she also started doing Freestyle Fitness Yoga and Stretch & Flex to support her training. In August 2012 Christy discovered Aerial Hoop and found this was her real love where she felt totally at home.

Throughout this journey Christy grew in self confidence and is now a fully fledged Aerial artist!

In February 2013, Christy took her X-pert Pole Instructor Training, being a school teacher outside of the studio, Christy took to teaching very easily.

Now as an Instructor for Aerial Hoop and Pole, Christy loves being able to help and support others through their dance journey's, watching their progress, confidence and skills develop - just like she did! 



Carla Whitehouse (aka Rubi Shooz)

Carla started pole dancing with Amy back in 2009 and followed Amy In 2010, Carla went traveling and found a base in New Zealand. During her time here she stayed with Anna Ashton, where she soon leant  her sexy ways and found her addiction to dancing in heels.  

Her stage name comes her very first pair of pole shoes -  The infamous 8 inch red stilettos!

Carla has attended many workshops & master classes to include Pantera Blacksmith, Amy Richardson-Impey, Michelle Shimmy and Jenyne Butterfly.

Carla has also competed in the NZPPC.

You can find Rubi teaching the notorious Heels Angels class.





 Nathaniel Lamptey


An experience street dancer, Nat started breakdancing from an early age, watching Michael Jackson videos to influence his dance style. 

He started dance classes with Luis Young and then decided to be part of forming the street dance group "Elementz". Elementz formed around each group member bringing their different dance styles together.

Elementz Street Dance crew continued performing at a variety of venues over the years including Butlins and Glastonbury 2011.


After 4 years, Elementz crew went their separate ways. Nat continued training as a street dancer and has been teaching Street Dance at Studio 22 for a few years.


Nat is currently training to be a male pole dancing instructor - the first at Studio22!